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Our Customers Share Their Valuable Experience With Us

Sapphire has been very helpful in my journey of moving to Canada. From the first day itself, they had shared all my responsibilities and hassles, and made it effortless on my side.
Amit Jain
A HUGE HUGE thanks to Sapphire Immigration for all their hard work and support in helping us get our PR! We are delighted that we get to stay in this beautiful country.
Hrithik Saini
AUstralia Pr
Very pleased I chose to go with Saphhire Immigration for my Permanent Residency.I would recommend consulting Sapphire Immigration, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!
Rishabh Malik
I just wanted to say how thrilled I am that I have my work visa and all thanks to Sapphire Immigration. At all times you kept in touch with me, answering my many questions. You have been brilliant and thankfully the whole process only took four months, so a speedy service too. Thanks again.
Aayush Jain
australia work visa
You never let me down through this journey. The Saphhire Immigration team have been so wonderful. All of my queries was answered. A wonderful journey to land down under because of you and your team. I will recommend your team 2 thumbs up.
Mukul Goyal
CAnada work Permit
Thank you so much for letting me know about my grant letter. My friend Sameer will be contacting Sapphire Immigration shortly to start her residency process. My sincere thanks to you for all that you have done for me, I shall always be grateful.
Rahul Arora
CANADA Nova Scotia PNP
Thank You !! I can't even begin to tell u what this means and a heartfelt thanks to you and Saphhire Immigration. I'll drop u a line later when i am a bit less emotional (not common for me to have tears in my eyes!!)
Siddhant Rathore
My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us. It was such a pleasure to work with you. We will surely recommend you to everyone who wants to immigration for you are always helpful, friendly, giving advise and able to answer our questions.
Vivek Singh
Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to opt for Sapphire for filing my Permanent Residence for Canada.  My parents today are proud of me for making a right choice  and it has all become possible because of Sapphire.

Tusshar Kaushik
Before initiating my process, I was bit sceptical, however, after having a word with their consultant who explained me the whole process over the call itself and no where convinced me to just initiate, I did not gave it any second thought and initiated my process. Each of the case managers is well verse with the process and never fails short of expectations if I walk up to them for any queries.
Rachna Sharma
Ever since I have been in words with Team Sapphire, I have received every kind of support I have looked for, starting from transcript to IELTS coaching they have helped me through all. I already have referred three of my friends to them because to the services delivered and shall be doing it in near future too.
Parvinder Singh
CANADa study visa
Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to opt for Sapphire for filing my Permanent Residence for Canada. My parents today are proud of me for making a right choice and it has all become possible because of Sapphire.
Kiranjeet Kaur
CANADA PErmanent residence
Have had an amazing experience working with Sapphire. All the staff are very kind and helpful and they work with you right till the end. Timely reminders and follow up’s are one of their best qualities. Keep up the good work guys!!
Shiv Mullick
There are plenty of Immigration consultancy, but i chose Sapphire as one of my friends have used it and he referred me to use them, because of their great services. I would certainly use Sapphire again in future and I strongly recommend everyone to use Sapphire Immigration.
Anusha Sambamurthy
germany work permit
My experience with Sapphire Immigration was excellent due to main two reasons, friendly staff and quick response. My application was processed smoothly and timely.
Saurav Nanda
They are probably the best Canada immigration consultancy in India. They are really committed to helping their clients immigrate. I got my PR visa very soon after they made the application. I know it would not have been soon easy if not for their expert guidance.
Utkarsh Chauhan
It was indeed an amazing journey and having the team on my side was just a spectacular experience. Sapphire & team have assisted me and my family in a perfect way. Their kindness and deep understanding of the process were fundamental for us. We are now ready to move to a new chapter in our lives because of them. Thank you very much.
Payal Puri
Canada sponsorship visa
I wanted to study abroad for higher education. I did some research on Immigration consultancies and found Sapphire to be most appealing and contacted them. They had really great reviews and I did decide to move forward with them. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed with the way they handled my case. Got my student visa in no time. Sapphire is the best consultancy for overseas education.
Manvi Dutta
Sapphire Immigration is very prompt and a genuine service provider in the immigration industry and they are very much updated with all the data analysis. I am satisfied with the service part and I’m absolutely glad that I connected with true professionals for my visa services. Would love to write a character reference, specially counselling and the right guidance, helped in my paper work arrangement and has made my Australia Visa application successful.
Ruhani Kaur
Australia Work Visa
Sapphire not only helped in my documentation but also in how the documents should be prepared and how the case should be presented to consulate. After seeing their way of work, I can without any doubt, tell that the consultancy is professional and the best at what they do. That being the core reason of never having a visa application rejection.
Aditya Chadha
GERmany Skilled worker visa