About Us

We are an Immigration Consultancy based in New Delhi. Since our inception in 2014, we have endeavoured to be the ultimate solution to all immigration hassles and queries. We are well known for our specialised services and are praised by our clients for enriching their Study, Work and Permanent Residence Visas. We are the fastest growing immigration consultancy in India, holding strong expertise in every field pertaining to immigration and settlement. We take pride in providing the best quality solutions out there to individuals and families who aspire to settle, work or study or temporarily visit abroad, to countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany,  Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

We believe in creating and holding a strong relationship with our clients, by providing them with the best advice and services possible. We strive to consistently improve our services, by constantly educating our associates and constantly upgrading our administration techniques. Our aim is to provide such an impeccable service, that our clients happily turn into our promoters. We believe in the power of the core functionality, such as work quality, customer relations, service quality etc. rather than the mobilisation of superficial aspects such as persuasion etc. We always hold the client above ourselves and never take any steps to inflict any harm to any of our clients, intentionally as well as unintentionally, even if it lays on our best interests.

Our Vision

To create a world without boundaries amidst a world full of boundaries.

Our Mission

To make immigration processes and procedures effortless and impeccable for aspirants, by smoothing out and automating the processes and procedures of immigration and to provide any kind of pre and post immigration help.

Why choose us?

Our team of immigration consultants is the most experienced in the country and the world, and know the ins and outs of everything related to immigration on their fingertips.

We have received awards and accreditations from some of the leading Immigration Organisations of the world such as Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) etc.

We have automated and structured our administration and procedures in a way that we are able to deliver impeccable and quick results. We have a pipelined (parallel processing) administration architecture which lets us process and undertake simultaneous tasks simultaneously, as opposed to the cascaded structure, which undertakes tasks one after another, leading to delays.

We offer our customers a variety of easy payment plans, so that they can deposit the fees in any form suitable and convenient for them.


We always hold the client above ourselves and never take any steps to inflict any harm to any of our clients, intentionally as well as unintentionally. In the rarest of cases where our clients face certain problems due to us, we compensate that customer, and not let harm fall upon our clients.


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